Covid Eyes – Anxiety, Solastalgia…

oil painting of King Lear madness by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

I don’t mean to add to the anxiety but I thought that this older painting of mine reflected the worries experienced by some of my more vulnerable neighbours during the pandemic.

My Covid Eyes online art project is exploring the sense of loneliness and isolation that persists in these strange times when it seems like half the population is oblivious to the danger and the other half is living in fear.

“Solastalgia”, a term coined by environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht, refers to the distress caused by environmental change, when your home environment is changing beyond your control. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has exacerbated this distress but it may also be a catalyst for environmental restoration.

The great challenge of our time is to build communities that respect and co-operate with nature.  Artists have a crucial role in this endeavour. To quote a friend of mine, Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald:  “Compassionate creativity will be critical to help us reflect and inspire communities to imagine the better world that we know is possible”.

Online “Ecoliteracy” course by Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald at

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