I walk along the shore…

painting by Jacques Descoteaux
Jacques Descoteaux : “Light gives way to Night”

Yes, it’s a sky – but, is that it?  I don’t actually think so. I can imagine looking up into one of those vast skies, losing oneself in the airy infinity beyond the clouds, but then you notice a particular brushstroke and you’re brought back to earth again – this is paint on canvas.

These are the paintings of Jacques Descoteaux. They were featured on the Artist’s Well last Saturday. They moved me.

“I walk along the shore, the rain on my face…”  I thought of that line from the Andy Irvine song (see below) when I was looking at them. Moods of sombre solitude, moods of joy and sadness, moods that words cannot express… but then, the interruption, the brushstroke that snatches you from your reverie –  this makes them very real. It seems to say: you can’t stay dreaming forever lad, you must be mindful, you must become aware…

But, have you heard of “The Artist’s Well”?  This is a great weekly source of inspiration for artists where participants can join via Zoom with host Alan Keane as he conducts studio visits or chats with artists about their practice.

Last Saturday, he was chatting with Jacques Descoteaux from Montreal, Canada (but now living in Toronto). Some more of Descoteaux’s work can be seen online at this year’s Toronto (Outdoor) Art Fair but here’s another of my favourites below.

painting by Jacques Descoteaux
Jacques Descoteaux: “Return Forever”

Jacques Descoteaux

Alan Keane




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