This section will be an archive of all my art exhibitions since I graduated from art college in 2000.  I am gradually updating it as time goes by.

For the moment let me just say that I was making abstract paintings when I first left college, then art with an anti-war theme, art exploring themes of Homelessness, then art about the Irish Diaspora and art about Climate change.  In general, my art responds to stories in the media and I am also interested in Irish history and culture.

Thank you for your interest, Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Link to the series of work entitled: Deireadh Fómhair 

Link to the series of work entitled: Diaspora/ Tinteáin

Link to the series of work entitled: Dídean/ Home

Link to the series of work entitled: Caoineadh/ Elegies

In the meantime, if you need specific information about my exhibitions, feel free to send me an email at: eoinmaclochlainn@gmail.com


PS:  As you can see, I spell my name Eoin Mac Lochlainn but people have typed in various other incorrect spellings for my name such as Eoin Mac Loughlainn, Eoin Maclochlain, Eoin MacLoughlin, Eoin McLoughlin, and even Owen Mc Loughlin.  Actually if you were going to spell my name in English (which I don’t), it would be Eoin McGloughlin… so if there’s anyone up there in Google land, please take note 🙂