Review by Aidan Dunne

Art critic with The Irish Times Aidan Dunne wrote a review of my solo exhibition “Caoineadh/Elegies” under the heading: “The Eyes have it”.  I have included his text below…

What I've seen -paintings by Eoin Mac Lochlainn for caoineadh/ Elegies
“What I’ve seen”,  1 and 4

Eoin Mac Lochlainn’s Caoineadh/Elegies began as a response to the suffering generated by warfare.  Once he’d embarked on his series of close-up studies of heads however, the scope of what he was doing broadened out according to its own logic.  “Other themes have emerged in the work,” he writes.  “Ideas relating to the media and spectacle, notions of identity and ‘otherness’ and ideas about seeing (and not seeing) in the contemporary world.” 

In a way he seeks to still the constant flow of images that greet us every day, to humanise what is otherwise an undifferentiated mass of anonymous others.  We do not know the individual stories of the people whose faces dominate his paintings (such as What I’ve Seen, No.1, No.4, above), but we recognise their emotion and can instinctively empathise with what we see.  Often, the most compelling part of the image is centred on the eyes, which most clearly express what remains unsaid.

AIDAN DUNNE,   The Ticket, The Irish Times   10/04/2009