Review by Cristín Leach Hughes in the Sunday Times 15/04/2012

“This show opens with a small but striking painting of a discarded takeaway coffee cup.  In the centre of the room, a teetering installation made from several hundred real ones bears the sobering title Celtic Towers.  This heartfelt show about homelessness includes full-on portraits of weatherworn faces such as Jimmy, above with his empty stare, alongside compositions that combine cardboard, wood and painted panels to great effect.  Mac Lochlainn is dangerously literal in his choice of thematic materials but he mixes his mediums with just enough restraint to make it work.  Painting in oil on cardboard and wood in “Hoodie”, he incorporates texture into the composition.  Deliberately taking the role of removed observer, he sources images from newspapers, television and the internet.  He paints the urban night sky, light glowing in a doorway, an abandoned sleeping bag, bonfires on wasteland, and lonely figures with their heads bowed; poignantly pointing to the human cost of our throwaway, disposable culture”.