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Actually I was wrong…


oil painting of fireplace by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Yes, perhaps it was staying up all night to see the total eclipse of the ‘super moon’ on the 27th or maybe I’d been staring into the fire too long but… I’m afraid that I gave you the wrong information last time about my forthcoming appearance on the TV programme “Imeall“.  Well, even Homer nods, as they say or – Teipeann focal ar an sagairt paróiste.

The good news is that it’ll be on this Thursday evening (1st of October) at 8pm.  There’s a repeat on Sunday night at 11.30pm and of course, it can be seen for the next while on the TG4 player at

Anyway, in the programme this week, Tristan Rosenstock meets Australian artist Patricia Piccinini to talk about her exhibition “Relativity” and her air sculpture The Sky Whale at the Galway International Arts Festival;  Kate Finnegan meets me (!) to discuss my exhibition “Diaspora” at the Olivier Cornet Gallery; There’s also a conversation with poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh in the shadow of Mount Errigal in Donegal and a discussion about his two new collections of poetry ‘An Fear Glas’ and ‘An Bhé Glas’; and finally, singer/songwriter Enda Reilly heads to Abner Browns Barbershop for a trim and a song.

Shur wouldn’t you be mad to miss it!   PS: here’s a photo that I took of the moon that night.  a special night, it won’t happen again until 2033.

photo by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of the eclipse of the 'Super moon' on Monday morning early


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News from ‘the edge’

Fiona agus Fiachra Mac Domhnaill
A still from TG4 Player showing Fiona and Fiachra Mac Domhnaill talking to presenter Ciarán Kilkenny (on the left)

I want to talk about TG4, the Irish language television channel that we have here in Ireland. It’s good because it’s different. “Súil eile” is the motto, which means: another viewpoint or perspective – and that’s exactly what it is. It tells stories that you wouldn’t hear on the other channels. The other day, I was watching a story about a wonderful couple who adopted a child from Romania in 1993. That’s them in the photo above.

It’s subtitled in English, as you can see above, but the fact that it is in Irish means that it doesn’t have to follow the usual clichéd format that is the general diet of TV in this corner of the world. It’s more personal, I think – and it’s also more diverse. You could be watching something about Romania or Malawi or the Congo, or even Harold’s Cross (!).

And of course, there’s Imeall. That’s the arts Programme. A great arts programme, produced by Red Shoe Productions.  (‘Imeall’ means: ‘the edge’) Presented by Tristan Rosenstock, it has been chronicling cultural life in Ireland and providing a wonderful insight into the Irish artworld since 2008. And of course, I’m unashamedly plugging it this week because they’re going to feature my solo exhibition “Diaspora” on it, on the 6th of October. (I suppose you were wondering where I was going with this – well, now you know)

Kate Finnegan came to the Olivier Cornet Gallery last week to do an interview and we spent some time discussing the work and its origins. Generally speaking I wouldn’t be keen on doing interviews but Kate made it all seem easy and relaxed.

Kate Finnegan and Eoin Mac Lochlainn

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