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Are you looking for ideas?

clay sculpture by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Well, you have to start somewhere. I started with a lump of clay, lovely mucky pliable stuff, and I created the shape you see above. In reality it was only the size of your fist. But I liked it so I photographed it.

And then I squashed it and made another shape, and then another…

That’s what I was doing for a while, to try to get some new ideas or to create something new. But what I was missing was colour, the joy of colour.  Clay is a wonderfully expressive material but… well it’s just grey, isn’t it.  So I added the colours into it with Photoshop. (Yes, I used Photoshop again – but no, I couldn’t say if it was a sculpture, a photograph or… a piece of fine art, even?)

Of course, it’s just a lump of clay again now, but actually, it started with the idea of hands covering a face.  And then I gave it a title:  ‘Brón’ (Sorrow).

I was reminded of those muddy endeavours recently when I came across the work of the American artist Stuart Shils.  He’s a great painter and printmaker but he also experiments with bits of paper stuck on a window, with shadows on the floor and indeed, with anything that catches his fancy.  Nach fánach an áit a bhfaighfeá gliomach! (meaning:  you can find real treasure in the strangest of places)


A 10t floor studio floor, 1.30am in the morning - an image by Stuart Shils
10th floor studio floor, 1.30am – image by Stuart Shils
Yesterday's Sun, Germantown Avenue - image by Stuart Shils
Yesterday’s sun, Germantown Avenue – image by Stuart Shils

And I think that’s the answer.  If it helps in the creative process, shur why not give it a go. How do you like his images above?  The first one is his studio floor, with the light streaming in and the second, a building site, perhaps. But they both look like abstract paintings to me. Loads more good ones on his website at:


artists, Ideas in Art

Creative Streaks

still from video by Kevin McGloughlin

Does the creative streak run in families? I reckon it does. I know I’ve a brother who was great for drawing cartoons and another into architecture, and a couple more who were really good at bird illustrations… but it also goes from generation to generation.

My Dad was good at art, and my grandfather too, but I’m just back home from Sligo so, today, I want to mention the next generation, my Sligo nephews, and in particular, Kevin McGloughlin.

The image above is a still from one of his videos. He creates really elaborate videos using animation, photoshop and goodness knows what. This one is called “Devils” by Idiot Songs. His brother Pearse wrote the songs in collaboration with Justin Grounds. (I’ll tell you about them another day) But have a listen to this now at:

and make sure to leave a comment if you like it. ( you will 🙂 )

Also, more info at: