Art is a Gift

Sarah Zoutewelle Morris: from her final blog post on "Art Calling"
Sarah Zoutewelle Morris: oil pastel

I think it was Carl Jung who said that artists have an ‘innate drive’ to make art.  They get an idea and they just have to follow it, to see where it leads them, always hoping for the best.  In any case, it’s true that making the art helps us.  When it works, it feels good, it gives us hope. And hopefully, it gives others a lift too.

I received a book recently by an artist friend of mine, Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris, who has since passed on.  It was her husband Rende who completed and brought out her final book and it is a beautiful testament to her life as an artist.

Sarah Zoutewelle Morris: oil pastel
Sarah Zoutewelle Morris: oil pastel

The book is entitled:  “A Generous Spirit, exploring new directions for the arts”. She believed passionately that ‘art is a gift, not a commodity’ and that “while we as artists need to survive, a central question in my creative life is how to keep the gift element alive in my work and life.

She was a wonderful colourist and a gifted calligrapher. Mostly, I was impressed by her deep understanding of art, how she studied and learned from other artists and how she generously shared her knowledge through her blog Art Calling.

Sarah Zoutewelle Morris: from her final blog post on Art Calling
Sarah Zoutewelle Morris: oil pastel

She wrote:  My heart was never wholly into selling my art as a life goal. I wanted a more collaborative, connected kind of art.  I wanted my art to do good, add value to life… the kind of art that carries a connection with life’s mysteries and large questions, the kind of art that can soothe souls and inspire people to either make art themselves or to make changes in their lives to let in more play, imagination, connection…

Seeing the world as it is now, seeing old systems collapsing and creativity needed for renewal in every part of life, I would ask: do we need more art products? Or do we need artists leading authentic lives, creating from their heart and soul to bring these much needed values into the world?

All the images on today’s blog post are hers.  May she rest in Peace.



  1. A beautiful and timely post Eoin. Thank you for sharing Sarah’s works and passages from her book. Might see you, from a safe distance, when we collect our seed and growing boxes next month! Stay safe, Nancy Previs

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  2. Nuair a bhreathna mé ar an céad pictiúr shil mé gur páiste a rinne é, ach is cuma sin. Tá na dathana lonnrach mar a deir tú. Chomh maith le sin tá an ceart aici measaim faoin ealaíon, gur deachair é a scarúint ón gá a bhíonn ag gach duine costas beatha a bheith ar fáil dóibh. Bíonn an sort céanna fadhb ann nuair a bhraitheann carthannachtaí ar deontais ó eagrachtaí móra. Tuig leo a spioraid agus a bhealach a chailliúint.


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