Covid Eyes – finally…

watercolour self portrait by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Nach ait an mac an saol – Isn’t Life strange.

This is the final instalment of the Covid Eyes online art project.  My three months of Tuesdays have come and gone.

When I painted the self-portrait above, I was thinking that by now, we’d be emerging back into the world, tentatively perhaps, but ultimately, with new resolution and renewed hope.

Afraid we’ll have to wait a little longer.

In any case, all my “eye paintings” can now be seen on a special Covid Eyes page on the website – and you can also see the original paintings in full there by clicking on the links provided.

Now, a bit more news for you – most of these paintings will be on display “in real life” at the Olivier Cornet Gallery during October.  Just for a short while.

Details to follow later but for the moment, let me just say that all the correct precautions are being followed in the gallery to safeguard visitors, and indeed, art galleries are probably the safest places you can visit at the moment.


  1. Comhgairdeas ! These paintings of yours first drew my attention , in the Paul Kane gallery, for their powerful empathy, through eyes ; sometimes words are not enough …………..


  2. Well done Eoin to stick with the theme, awesome paintings.
    A lovely line from the poet Hafiz:
    “ be happy before you have a reason.
    Continue your great works of art.
    Kevin kinahan


  3. Life is indeed strange! I will not be able to see the show, but I would like to see pictures of the exhibition here once the show is installed in October. I am curious how they might relate to each other in a 3D space. Nicely done Eoin!

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    • Yes Joy, I’m curious myself! I reckon that it’ll be an interesting challenge anyway, to see how the watercolours stand up to the oil paints, for instance. Anyway, yes, I’ll be putting up some images of the exhibition in due course. Thanks for the comment, eoin


    • Olivier has a virtual space set up on the gallery website and all the “eye paintings” will be visible there soon but I prefer to show the actual works. I’ll see about getting a bit of a video of the show when it goes up. Bye for now, eoin


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