Covid Eyes – Johnny

oil painting portrait by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

We’re coming close to the end of the Covid Eyes online project…  just one or two more Tuesdays.  So the Professor mentioned the term “Expanded Painting” the other day, a term he tells me that was first used back in 2005 when there was an exhibition of that title at the Prague Biennale.

“Expanded Painting” – ah, it’s all about artists challenging the conventions of painting and such.  Re-conceptualizing the traditional understanding of painting, you might say. Found objects, fabrics, installations and such, all putting forward a new understanding of what is meant by painting…

Funny thing is – I’d been making those “expanded paintings” for a long time and I hadn’t realised it (!).  The eyes above are from a painting about the crisis of homelessness in Ireland.  I often used auld bits of cardboard and wood and steel meshes in my paintings back then to refer to the poverty of the subject.

Here’s a short film about the work, made by TG4 on the occasion of my solo exhibition entitled: “Dídean/ Home” at the Bourne Vincent Gallery in Limerick University.

The Olivier Cornet Gallery

The Bourn Vincent Gallery


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