Covid Eyes – Ní neart go cur le chéile

watercolour of the artist's mother by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

My mother used to do Meals-on-Wheels in the local community centre. Dad was in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  They were volunteers, we were all volunteers.

One good thing about this pandemic is that volunteering has blossomed in the community. The helping hand, the friendly enquiry, the random acts of kindness – people have gone out of their way to support the more vulnerable among us.

Hasn’t it brought out the good in people!   There’s been so much bad news lately, no harm in reminding ourselves of the better characteristics of humanoids – kindness, compassion, consideration, tenderness…

Maidin moch do ghabhas amach ar bhruacha Locha Léin.  Chruthaigh mé an pictiúr thuas ó shean-ghriangraf a thóg mé fadó, i gCill Áirne. Is cuimhin liom go ndeacha muid ar thuras báid amach go hInis Faithlinn ar Loch Léin. Bhí mo mháithrín linn ag an am agus thaithin an saoire sin go mór léi. 

Níl sa saol ach soinneán gaoithe  (nó, mar deir an t-amadán ó Gúgal: Cuileoga ama!) 

so mar sin, tabhairigí aire dá chéile.


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