Covid Eyes – who is essential?

oil painting of homeless man by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

These are the eyes of a person who was homeless.

Over the years I’ve made several large paintings of homeless people for a body of work entitled: Dídean/Home.  Mostly I found images on the internet and in newspapers to use as references for these paintings, images that one might see on Sunday and have forgotten by Monday.

But by taking a small photo of someone and making a large painting of it, it adds significance to that person’s story.

Significance?  Why is it mostly portraits of Lords and Ladies we see?  Who is more important – the businessman, the bus driver or the community volunteer?  During this pandemic, maybe we’ve begun to realise the essentials.

And as for the guy who is homeless – well, who knows what goes on in another person’s life, what circumstances, what trauma led to his present situation?

Dídean/ Home      Olivier Cornet Gallery

This post is part of the ongoing Covid Eyes art project

grant-aided by the Arts Council of Ireland


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