Covid Eyes – what I’ve seen

painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn what I've seen

I could not get the awful, awful murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA out of my mind as I prepared this post for my online project Covid Eyes.

The ‘eye painting’ above is from a series of small paintings entitled: “What I’ve Seen”.  It was a series based on an unknown soldier, returned from war, that I painted again and again.  Each piece was 20 x 20 cm, some darker, some lighter and some, like the one above, almost fading to black.

From a formal point of view, these works were exploring how photography and painting differ and compete as modes of representation.

Art critic with The Irish Times, Aidan Dunne, wrote about them on the occasion of my solo exhibition Caoineadh/Elegies at Droichead Arts Centre in Drogheda. The heading of the review was: “The eyes have it” (10/04/2009).

A number of the paintings from this series can be seen at the Olivier Cornet Gallery.

Droichead Arts Centre

Review by Aidan Dunne


Covid Eyes Online Project

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