Are you staying Sane these days?

photo by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of apple blossom

Yes, but I’d have to say I’m a bit trína chéile all the same.  How are you?

Pronounced treena kayla, it sort of means that I’m upset or… out of sorts, or…  distressed, disturbed, disconcerted, disquieted or discomposed (yes, my new thesaurus arrived the other day, hee hee).

It’s just that I’m distracted.  I find it hard to concentrate, difficult to get “in the painting zone” and so,  I’m mostly working in the garden these days.

cartoon by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of guy digging the garden

I enjoy digging – and they say it’s good for you – but actually, I want to tell you about the HX Grow Project.  It’s a group of us here in Harold’s Cross who got together to grow and share vegetables.

Every household in the community has a window sill, a balcony, a back garden, a front garden, a container even… where all sorts of plants can be grown for pleasure or for food.

With the support of Dublin City Council and the Harold’s Cross Village Community Council, planning is now well underway to create a ‘HUB’ to support the blossoming community of growers here.  Ní neart go cur le chéile!

Below, a little video about the project from the Harold’s Cross Stay@Home Festival website, put together by Brian McGowan (with a little help from me).  The group ended up sharing out trays of bedding plants to almost eighty cocooners in the area.

But the main idea is to provide a knowledge centre to support urban growers to plant, tend, harvest, conserve and enjoy our own fresh green produce.  It will also provide a living archive of heritage apple and fruit trees to help restore the orchard tradition to Harold’s Cross.  Yes, Harold’s Cross was once famous for its orchards and soon, we’ll be famous again!

So, that was just one item on the agenda of the heart-warming Harold’s Cross Stay@Home Festival this week.  Loads more still to be viewed on their website.

But Stay Safe!


Apples in the city


  1. Hi Eoin I think we are all a little trína chéile at the moment but maybe we all needed to “slow down and go further” and generally improve our quality of life overall……..great visuals and video for HX Grow Project and love the music……Keep safe and well 🙂


  2. I love that Dublin has agreed to restore another heritage green place, and is providing people with the education to do it as well. It will make an already beautiful city even more beautiful. What a fantastic program! I totally relate to feeling trina cheile right now as well…discomposed. With all of the amazing time the coronavirus has given us artists to paint, I can’t find the focus. Oh well, cycles and rhythms. It will return.


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