What brings you Joy?

watercolour sketches of swallows by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

I’ve just seen my first swallow – flying in over Supervalu, Sundrive Road – joyfully heralding the start of summer.  I wrote a Haiku in its honour.

Féach na Fáinleoga

is an Samhradh ag filleadh

Buíochas le Dia

And over the Easter, I’ve written some more. (What’s come over me, you may ask)

oil painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of trees at night, Co. Donegal
“In the trees”, 30 x 30cm, oil on canvas, 2013


Chualas an Lon dubh

i nduairceas na h-oíche

cumha id’ dhiaidh


Spideog go tobain

ag faire ‘s ag foghléireacht

Gáirdín mo mháthair


Ceol Fuiseoige

idir neamh agus caorán

déan gairdeas a stóirín


Yes, lots of people have commented on the sound of birdsong during this strange period of self-isolation. Lovely to hear the birds so clearly when the hum of traffic is no longer a constant presence in on our lives.

Joy?  The song of the blackbird, the sudden appearance of a robin as I dig in the garden, the fleeting glimpse of a kingfisher…  What brings you joy?

I’m adding a tiny clip from my short film “Ar theacht an tSamhraidh” (2016) – to celebrate the return of the swallows. If you can’t see it immediately below this, you need to click into the actual blog…

That piece of music was by Davy Spillane, by the way.

And finally, I came across this wonderful website of birdsong. You just click on the image of each bird and it plays their song.

Slán go fóill,  stay safe, eoin


Green News – Irish Birds




  1. Thanks Eoin.
    You keep me in touch with home. And how I miss it now of all times. Birds give me great joy too but there is one screecher who wakes me every morning at 04:00 who does not please me!


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