Living in a car…

watercolour portrait of Br Kevin by Eoin Mac Lochlainn
Righter of Wrongs no. 4,  40 x 30 cm, watercolour

I heard him on the radio, Br Kevin who runs a day centre for homeless people.

He said that a mother and two kids came in one day but he noticed that she had arrived by car. He asked her about it and she burst into tears. She said that they were living in the car. After that he never asked.

And he never turns anyone away.

The statistics for people who are homeless in Ireland is going from bad to worse. Government policy.  Not enough houses being built. It makes me sick.

I painted the portrait above of Br Kevin for the art exhibition Drawing on Don Quixote which is the winter group show at the Olivier Cornet Gallery.  This exhibition was first seen at the Opera Festival in Wexford and after that, it was in VUE at the RHA.

photo of Colm Roddy by Olivier Cornet
Colm Roddy, Peace activist (photo by Olivier Cornet)

You may remember that I had a portrait of Colm Roddy the peace activist and Stop US Warplanes using Shannon campaigner in that show at the RHA before Christmas.  Well, a friend of his happened to see this painting and she told him about it. That’s him above – and she purchased it too!

So, Drawing on Don Quixote… you could say that Don Quixote was an eccentric. Yes, he attacked windmills but he was an idealist – he wanted to right the wrongs of the world.  Like Colm Roddy or Br Kevin, the modern day Don Quixotes.  In my opinion, these are the people who make a difference in this crazy world.  These are our “knights in shining armour”.

The exhibition re-opens this Sunday, featuring paintings, sculptures and ceramics by artists associated with the gallery.  (My other painting in the show is a portrait of Greta Thunberg)

Br Kevin’s Day centre

Greta Thunberg


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