Spiders, Storytelling Beings and the Worldwide Web

photo by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of dew on cobweb

Spiders, no, I’d have to admit that I’m not big into spiders but on these cold, frosty mornings, when you see their sparkling, bejeweled cobwebs, you just have to admire their artistry.

And if you were a fly, wouldn’t you just love to bathe your tired wings in those pearly, crystal clear drops… Stop! Don’t do it! – And anyway, as we’re hearing at Cop25, the UN Climate conference in Madrid this week, even these tiny little ablutions will need to be curtailed.

But yes, it’s clearly for your own good – and we’re all going to change our ways – especially, us humans in the West.

I was at a seminar and book launch in the Mansion House this week and it really was an inspirational occasion. The book was “Environmental Literacy and New Digital Audiences” by Professor Pat Brereton and it explored the growing power and influence of the digital world and the various ways to negotiate it. (No mention of spiders but quite a lot about the worldwide web).

It might sound heavy but no, in essence we are “storytelling beings” and the book is all about facilitating a dialogue and finding consensual solutions to the major eco-challenges of our time.

watercolour by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of Greta Thunberg

Duncan Stewart was there, the former chair of Green Foundation Ireland and he spoke passionately about education and collaboration. A very good suggestion was that all our schools should be twinned with schools in the developing world (where the effects of Climate Crisis have already been catastrophically experienced).

Naturally, the young climate activist Greta Thunberg got an honourable mention at the seminar. Isn’t it amazing how one young person can cut through all the babble and blah of the media and – change the course of history.

Coincidently, I’ve just completed her portrait (above) – which will be featuring in an exhibition at the Olivier Cornet Gallery in January, 2020.



Duncan Stewart

Prof. Pat Brereton


  1. So glad you found the event in the Mansion House inspiring Eoin and what a lovely write up about it


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