Sketching on a Sunday…

a selection of sketch books from the Dublin Sketchers
A selection of Dublin Sketches – from Pat, Marie-Hélène, Aodh and Alice

Some friends of mine are in the Dublin Sketchers. This is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering a community of artists around the world, people who like to sketch wherever they go.

The Dublin Sketchers get together every Sunday to sketch, a different place every week. They start sketching at 2pm and then meet up afterwards around 4pm for a drink and a chat. Everyone is welcome.

They don’t have a special style, there’s no hierarchy, different people organise the locations for sketching each month, the group ranges in age from 18 to 80…  If you’d like to sketch any weekend, simply check out their website at and go along.

Pencil sketch of Harold's Cross Park, by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

This year they came to Harold’s Cross. They’ve been here before but what was different this time was that they’ve come back several times over the last few months. Why? – because we’re organising an exhibition of their sketch books for the Harold’s Cross Festival.

And I’ve joined in with the sketching a couple of times – when the weather wasn’t too cold… That’s one of mine just above.

The exhibition will be officially opened by Ellen Cranitch of Lyric Fm on the Friday evening.  Interesting for us Harold’s Crossians to see how others see our suburban village.  I thought that they’d like to sketch in the park (and some did) but more of them searched out the crumbling laneways, the abandoned buildings and fading shop fronts while others simply sat in the cafés, sipping skinny lattes and getting sticky fingerprints all over their sketchpads.

But now, the results are in – and they look great! Come and see.

Harold’s Cross Festival



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