Easter Rising Stories

image from the film Ag Seasamh an Fhóid by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of Dublin in flames at Easter 1916

Did I mention before that I was in a film? Yes, this film tells a story that is little known outside of Connemara. It’s about Patrick Pearse and his connection with the people of Ros Muc, a real insight into his personal life, his inspirations and convictions.

The film was directed by Marcus Howard of Easter Rising Stories. He is an independent filmmaker who has spent the last few years capturing the recollections of relatives of the Easter Rising and documenting events and stories relating to the Rising and the War of Independence.

Eoin Mac Lochlainn and Marcus Howard in Ros Muc
Marcus Howard and myself, filming in Connemara    photo: Fionnuala Rockett

“The reason I do it”, he says, “is because I want to create an online library so that future generations won’t be left saying: I wish I’d asked more questions… In one of my films, the poet Theo Dorgan says that the truth of our history depends on our memory-keepers and on our storytellers. We are the memory-keepers, he said, we are the storytellers… and that’s why I do it.”  Howard’s great-great-grand uncle was Arthur Greene, a member of the I.R.B. in Dundalk.

Patrick Pearse was my great-grand uncle and he had a cottage in Ros Muc. There was a painting of that cottage hanging in our house as we grew up. My father had painted it long ago and it always reminded me of him.

watercolour of Pearse's Cottage by Piaras F. Mac Lochlainn
Teach an Phiarsaigh, le Piaras F. Mac Lochlainn

The film includes many stories about Pearse from the people in Ros Muc, people whose grandparents might’ve met him long ago. There were fond memories of him. People remembered him as a quiet man who visited the area regularly. They described how he would sit with them, late into the night, listening to their stories, endeavouring to improve his Irish and discussing and developing ideas for a better future for Ireland. Éire saor agus Éire Gaelach.

If you can’t see the film directly below here, click into the blog itself:

Easter Rising Stories


The 1916 Relatives Association



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