No Room at the Inn?

Stain glass window in Kilmallock Church Harry Clarke studio
Window in Kilmallock Church, Co. Limerick by the Harry Clarke studio

I saw this stained glass window in St. Peter and Paul’s Church in Kilmallock earlier this year when I was at the opening of a lovely art exhibition by Gillian Cussen. Incidentally, I have a painting hanging in this church myself as part of the “Contemporary Art in Churches” project that was curated by Maurice Quillinan for the Diocese of Limerick.

It’s the large painting below. It is is a painting of a person who is homeless. At first he may look like a dangerous character but when you look more closely and examine his eyes, for instance, you notice that whereas his right eye seems threatening, his left eye looks frightened. The more time we give to someone, the more we can get to know him. Who knows what goes on in another person’s life, what circumstances, what trauma led to his or her present situation…

And furthermore (rant alert) – It poses the question: Why is it that there are only portraits of royalty, celebrities, politicians and businessmen? Isn’t this person’s life important too?

Anyway, I was impressed with the openness to my homeless paintings in the church in Limerick and there’ll be more about this project at a future date.

painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn for Didean Home, Belfast
“Paul”, oil on canvas, 80 x 90cm

In the meantime, time for me to wish you a very happy Christmas and to thank you once again for taking the time to read my weekly blog.

Nollaig Shona  Joyeux Noël  ~ Fröhliche Weihnachten  ~ Vrolijk Kerstfeest  ~ Buon Natale  ~ Feliz Navidad  ~ Wesołych Świąt  ~ Glædelig jul  ~ საშობაო მისალოცი  Շնորհավոր Սուրբ Ծնունդ

Gillian Cussen



  1. What a beautiful window by HC, next time in that neck of the woods will drop in to see it.
    Treat yourself et all to a merry full Christmas and a splendid new year.
    Ps thank you for all the art info.


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