Isn’t the whole world being turned upside down?

Eoin Mac Lochlainn Somewhere between perception and reality
Wassily Kandinsky : Landscape, 1913

Now, you might think that this is outrageous, or possibly just a bit curious or maybe even sorta funny – but hopefully it’ll shed a little light on the strange machinations of an artist’s mind…

“Somewhere between Perception and Reality” is the current group exhibition at the Olivier Cornet Gallery and the idea for the show was that in these days of fake news, soft news and “infotainment”, it’s often difficult to understand what’s really going on in the world.

Indeed it might be said that this is the very point of “infotainment”.

So the exhibition explores the world of appearances and shines a light on preconceived notions, dubious presumptions and all sorts of dodgy numptions.

from Vale of tears to the Phoenix Park, a painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

There were so many angles one could’ve taken. I was thinking about this as I was standing in the studio when an old blue painting (above) caught my eye. It was like the time that Wassily Kandinsky saw one of his paintings leaning against the wall, upside down. He thought that it looked great but he just couldn’t remember having ever painted it!

That was the moment when he realised that paintings were simply brush strokes on a canvas and not necessarily a representation of anything – so he went on to produce the first abstract art.

Well, my blue painting was in a show a few years ago and it was called “Vale of Tears”. When I turn it upside down (as I have above), it’s a completely different painting. It reminds me of the Pine Forest or that little wooded hillock in the Phoenix Park (seen here below).

photo by Eoin Ma Lochlainn of the Phoenix Park Dublin

So I put it into the show at the Olivier Cornet Gallery and gave it a new title: “From Vale of Tears to the Phoenix Park”. It’s a reminder that there’s always more than one way of looking at things. Some people were amazed at the audacity, the simplicity, the shameless duplicity of it all. – What do you think?

But if you’d like to see this amazing upside-down painting along with some other wonderful works by gallery artists, make sure to drop into the Olivier Cornet Gallery between now and Saturday, 22nd of December. The gallery will be closed for Christmas from Sunday, 23rd of December. The show will resume again on Saturday, 5th of January 2019.



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