Is this the finest Hotel in Dublin? Well, the art certainly is!

painting of tea roses by Roderic O'Conor
Roderic O’Conor:  “Tea-roses”, oil on canvas, 1923

Oooh, don’t you just love the inky smell of new books. I do. I was handed one, no, two new books recently and I can tell you, it made my day.

Yes, I was in the grandest of grand hotels and I was wandering from lounge to lounge to view the amazing collection of art that was hanging on the walls.

And as we lingered in one room to examine the paintings of Roderic O’Conor, one member of the extremely attentive staff asked if we’d like to have the catalogue.

Well, there were twelve paintings by O’Conor there. Can you guess where we were? Afterwards, we had some tea from a silver teapot. The photo below might give you a clue…

photo of silver teapot in the Merrion Hotel, Dublin

But yes, it is heartening to see that some people spend their money on good art and I mean: really good art. I saw two wonderful pieces by Jack B. Yeats there, the Roderic O’Conor above, some Louis le Brocquys, a William Scott, a Mary Swanzy, a lovely Paul Henry and much more besides. Most of the paintings were by Irish artists, ranging from the 18th. century through to work by some contemporary Irish artists.
Such a good collection!

And yes of course, we were visiting The Merrion Hotel in Dublin’s fashionable Georgian district – not an establishment that I would normally frequent – but it’s interesting every once in a while to see how the other one percent lives.

So if you decide to venture in, one fine day, be sure to ask about the Roderic O’Conor room, a veritable feast for the eyes awaits.

You might also visit the Garden Room restaurant to see the amazing glass bar, created by a friend of mine, the artist Yanny Petters. This consists of four verre églomisé panels featuring a composition of willow leaves.

Watercolour by Eoin Mac Lochlainn for Deireadh Fómhair
Dóite no. 4, watercolour on Arches paper, 2018 (not in the Hotel)

But perhaps Lochlainn Quinn, philanthropist, art connoisseur and the hotel’s joint owner, will venture across the Liffey to see my exhibition at the Olivier Cornet Gallery someday soon. That’d be extra fine, wouldn’t you say…




  1. Thanks Eoin for sharing news of your recent viewing of the Roderick O’Connors.You certainly have whet my appetite which only a personal visit will sate.Will be in touch presently.Jim 

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