“It’s going to be a Hoot”

wooden sculpture by Hugh Cummins at VUE
Hugh Cummins:  “Thinking-beyond-the-bag,” sycamore-and-walnut, 2018

A Car Boot Sale in Russborough House?  Yes, believe it or not, that’s  what’s happening next Sunday, 9th of September at Russborough.

Russborough House near Blessington in Co. Wicklow is one of the finest examples of Palladian architecture in Ireland. Designed by Richard Cassels, it was built between 1741 and 1755. Sir Alfred Beit bought the estate in 1952 and he housed his family’s art collection here, a collection which included paintings by Gainsborough, Goya, Peter Paul Rubens and Vermeer, no less.

So why should I be surprised to see a special Art Fair/ Car Boot Sale happening in this stately home. As well as the “affordable” art, they tell me that there’s going to be gourmet food, vintage cars, Prosecco and free parking (!)  And they tell me that anybody who is anybody in the art world will be there!

botanical artworks by Yanny Petters
Yanny Peters: Cards and Prints

It was the artist Blaise Smith RHA who said that: “It’s going to be a hoot.” That was in an article in the Irish Times last week… “It’s a creative take on the car boot sale,” he continued, “a bit of fun, nothing to get too hung up about.” (I don’t know – was somebody getting too hung up about it, maybe?)

Anyway, see the 2 minute video below, it gives you an idea of the works that will be on display. See if you can spot one of my little paintings.

Some of the artists involved (and who got honourable mention in the paper) include Gabhann Dunne, Joe Dunne RHA, Gillian Lawler, Sean Molloy, Nicky Hooper, Helen Blake, Monika Crowley, PJ Lynch, Yanny Petters, Hugh Cummins, Paul Murnaghan, Oscar Fouz Lopez, Catherine Barron and yours truly!

Did I mention the vintage cars?  Well, Olivier Cornet will be there with his ‘jalopy’ – with a nice selection of small works from the gallery. The fair runs from 11am to 5pm on Sunday. Admission is €10 for adults, children go free and… it’s a fundraiser for Russborough House.

And yes, if you spotted the worried looking footman in the video, that one was mine from a series a few years back entitled: “What I’ve seen”. See below…

Paintings by Eoin Mac Lochlainn - What I've Seen
from the series of oil paintings entitled: “What I’ve seen”






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