Stormy Times in Ireland

oil painting of homeless man by Eoin Mac Lochlainn
Nameless, no.3, 90 x 80cm, oil on canvas, 2011

Such a furore last weekend over the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland. But did you hear what an Taoiseach Leo Varadkar had to say in Dublin Castle?   Here’s an extract:

It is easy to forget that the Irish State, founded in 1922, did not set up a Department of Health or a Department of Social Welfare until 1947.

These are now our two largest and best funded government departments accounting for more than half of government spending between them today. Providing healthcare, education and welfare is now considered a core function of our State. When the State was founded, it was not. The Catholic Church filled that gap to the benefit of many generations of our people. We remain profoundly grateful for that contribution.

Even today, as we struggle with a housing shortage and homelessness, Catholic organisations and people inspired by their Catholic faith fill a gap in providing services, for example, through organisations like CrossCare.

Holy Father, during your Papacy, we have all witnessed your compassion for those on the edge of our society, those who have not shared in our relative prosperity, those who have slipped through the net.

Your visit to the Capuchin Day Centre later today reminds us of work we still have to do…

Stormy times ( 🙂 ) in Ireland video – click here

Capuchin Day Centre

Society of St. Vincent de Paul




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