The Queens of Art

Sheila Flaherty : drawing in graphite of Frida Kahlo
Sheila Flaherty : a drawing in graphite of Frida Kahlo

It seems like everyone is “curating” these days – curating content, curating conflict, curating fancy dinners, curating haircuts – you name it – it’s just not about organising art exhibitions anymore…

But since I’m curating an art exhibition myself as part of the Harold’s Cross Community Festival, I thought I’d fill you in on some of the lesser known facts of curating – like having to scrape away the pigeon droppings(!).

Now, we had our artist, a good one – Sheila Flaherty – but despite there being several empty shops in Harold’s Cross, we didn’t have a gallery. That is – we couldn’t gain access until the very last minute. (The pigeons, however, had plenty of access – and no respect for ‘pop-up’ artists or curators).

And curating is not simply about rearranging the pictures, it can also involve furniture removal, wall construction, panel painting, pigeon shooing, floor scrubbing, conflict resolution, ladder balancing… and much more besides.

photo of Sheila Flaherty work in progress for the Harold's Cross Festival

But of course, it’s all worth it in the end – the official opening of “Queens of Art” is tonight, Thursday 17th at 6pm. The guest speaker will be poet Catherine Ann Cullen.

Sheila Flaherty’s current work is about inspirational women artists. The graphite drawings include portraits of Artemisia Gentileschi, Angelica Kauffmann, Camille Claudel, Mary Cassatt and Frida Kahlo – and she has also created a particularly majestic mural in the space (work in progress seen above).

All are welcome.

Sheila Flaherty




  1. Hi, you mentioned the time date day but not the address? Thus where in Harolds Cross??

    Cheers Kevin



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