A Hollywood Haiku

watercolour sketches of swallows by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Yes indeed, I saw them last Saturday. The first time this year. Where? – in Hollywood, County Wicklow.

This little village has provided the backdrop for several big movies including Dancing at Lughnasa and Michael Collins but it wasn’t big stars that I saw there last week but fast-flying Swallows, returning as they do each year, joyfully heralding the start of summer.


Féach na Fáinleoga

is an Samhradh ag filleadh

Buíochas le Dia


And it’s such a nice place to return to. Nestling in the pastoral landscape of west County Wicklow, this picturesque village has a very interesting history.

In the ancient cemetery beside the old Protestant church, the yew trees are thought to be over a thousand years old.

And they say that St. Kevin lived here at the end of the sixth century before he moved to Glendalough. The original track he took through the mountains became known as St. Kevin’s Way and this pilgrim’s path can be followed to this day ‘by rocky lane and fen’ all the way to the great monastic settlement of Glendalough.

Photo by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of St.Kevin's Way at Hollywood, Co. Wicklow
St. Kevin’s Way near Hollywood, Co. Wicklow

But I suppose yiz have all seen the Swallows at the stage – or have ye? Don’t forget to leave a comment – down below at the very bottom of the page. Thanks, eoin

But speaking of haikus, what got me started was a special ‘haiku’ related project by the artist Nickie Hayden. This will be part of a Bloomsday exhibition at the Olivier Cornet Gallery this summer, entitled: “Drawing on Joyce” (see first link below)







  1. Beautiful Eoin- they used nest in the eves of my parents’ house, and regularly I’d come home from school and find swallows perched on the curtain rail in my room! Their return each year is a great welcome! Looking
    forward to the June exhibition…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely sketches, Eoin. I just bought Rende a book on swallows, it is in Dutch though. He loves them as well. There are colonies of them nesting in some of the large barns around here, and when the first ones appear it is a reason to rejoice!


  3. Hi Eoin, Appreciate you including me on your blog. Enjoyed the Swallows Haiku and I was looking for some interesting (and challenging) walkways and St. Kevin’s Way appears to fit the bill. Ben


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