Anyone for the last few Choc ices there…

Tintean Treigthe from the exhibition Diaspora by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

You might remember that man in Croke Park who used to come round at half time with a box full of Choc ices for sale. I often wondered how he managed to get round the whole stadium without the ices melting – but that’s another story.

I can empathise with him – though it’s not Choc ices I’m offering – it’s a limited edition Calendar of my paintings. And there isn’t many of them left at this stage!!!

And I was also thinking about the colour Red – there’s a lot of it around these days, owing to the imminent arrival of a certain stately, plump old gentleman in a red coat.

Red is a warm and positive colour. I was thinking about it this week because the painting above was “liked” by so many of my friends and I wondered: was it because of its red colouring?  For myself, it was the little green sapling, just springing to life in the hearth, that attracted me to it (see below).


painting of empty hearth by Eoin Mac Lochlainn from Diaspora

Some people say that my fireplaces are so sad – but I never felt too sad when I discovered them. I felt deeply moved. I could almost feel the presence of the people who had once lived there. I wanted to commemorate them in some way. That’s what led me to the series of paintings of empty hearths, na Tinteáin Tréigthe, which were first presented in the solo exhibition: Diaspora at the Olivier Cornet Gallery in Dublin. Click here

And twelve of those paintings were reproduced in a calendar for 2018.  The calendars were all numbered and signed but wow, they sold out very fast. So I’ve brought out a second edition and, if you’d like to buy one,  just email me at  You can also pick up a copy at the Olivier Cornet Gallery – and next Sunday at 3pm would be a good time to go because the Winter group show (entitled: 2°C ) is officially opening. Hot port? Mince pies perhaps?

It’s always nice to read your comments either way. See the comments section below this post.

My calendar for 2018

Olivier Cornet Gallery



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