Who are the secret donors?

artwork for Drummin Bog Project photo of barbed wire with dew


I don’t know who produced this photograph above – nobody knows – yet(!)  It’s one of the artworks in Hidden: Reveal at VISUAL, Carlow this weekend.

You’ve heard it before, I’m sure. Artists come together to help a good cause. They donate artworks anonymously and the buyers only find out who they are when they buy the work. Usually, the artworks are all the same size and price.

This particular good cause is the Drummin Bog Project, a voluntary community project to restore the only raised bog in County Carlow. A lot of voluntary work has already happened, I only heard about it recently from the ‘eco-social’ artist and activist Cathy Fitzgerald.

artwork for Drummin Bog Project photo of bog and grasses

Over 100 artists have donated their works – drawings, photographs, watercolours, mixed media – and these are now on display in VISUAL, Carlow and also available to view on their website here. 

I have a watercolour in the show too but I’m not telling you which one it is. (it’s not one of the ones on this post). Why not visit their site here and maybe you could guess which one it is!

All the works are priced at €30 each (way too cheap, for such good works) and the sale will take place between 5.30 and 7pm this Saturday, 2nd of December in the foyer of VISUAL, Old Dublin Road, Carlow.

artwork for Hidden: Reveal a charity art exhibition in aid of Drummin Bog Project

As you’ll see on their website, the funding is being sought to commission a suite of scientific surveys and maps of the bog which will better inform and plan the future restoration of the site to active peat-forming capacity. It will also assist in developing the Drummin bog as an important conservation, amenity and educational area for County Carlow and beyond.

You know, people flock to this sort of fundraising event – in the hope of snapping up great art by famous artists at a fraction of the normal cost.  Three things to say here:  A. I wish they would consider buying art at other times too.  B. You’d better be there early because it’s causing a stir already and… C. It’s a worthy cause – you’ll be helping to save the planet!

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Cathy Fitzgerald



2018 Calendar

Note: I received a note afterwards from Jules Michael, the main organiser of the event and I’ll include it here for your information…  The barbed wire image is by Nuala Grogan, a local photographer, and yes, it is spectacular. The photo of the cut bog is by Lorraine Cross, who is based in Dublin, and very interested in conservation. The watercolour is by Cornelia McCarthy. She is my neighbour and attends a local painting group.

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