What a scary world!

watercolour by Eoin Mac Lochlainn, 2017 jellyfish VUE
Compass Jellyfish – a watercolour by Eoin Mac Lochlainn, 2017

Yes, well speaking of jellyfish, we used to say that there were two types – the harmless white one with the four mauve circles (the Moon Jellyfish) and the scary brown one that could sting (the Compass Jellyfish) – but things have changed radically over the years.

These days there are numerous reports of unusual jellyfish appearing on Irish shores – Portuguese man o’ war, Lion’s mane and Box jellyfish – all with much more dangerous stings than had our traditional jelly visitors.

Yes, things have changed – and it’s all because the climate is changing.

We have already seen the more extreme weather events, the changes to ‘normal’ seasonal cycles, the flooding, the new migrant species etc, and it’ll get worse unless we all work to mitigate the impact. Renewable energy, less materialism, more careful shopping, more community-based living… it’s not rocket science!

wooden sculpture by Hugh Cummins at VUE

Hugh Cummins: “Thinking beyond the Bag”, sycamore & walnut, 2017 


I’ve been thinking about all this lately because this year, the theme of Olivier Cornet’s exhibition at VUE at the Royal Hibernian Academy is: Climate Change. His gallery always stands out from the other galleries at the VUE ART FAIR because he presents a themed exhibition – and this year, it is especially relevant.

2°C is the title of the group show and the artists taking part are: ANNIKA BERGLUND, HUGH CUMMINS (see his sculpture above), JOHN FITZSIMONS, JORDI FORNIES, CLAIRE HALPIN, MIRIAM MCCONNON, YANNY PETTERS, KELLY RATCHFORD, FREDA RUPP and myself – with small works by the Associate Gallery Artists (AGA) : AISLING CONROY, DAVID FOX, PAUL JAMES KEARNEY, SHEILA NAUGHTON, and VICKY SMITH.

The exhibition is being supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland and by the way, their latest advice about jellyfish stings is to wash immediately with vinegar and then hot water.

More information about the exhibition at:







  1. Áthas orm go bhfuil tú ag tabhairt tacaíochta don téama seo… bhí go leor portuguese man-o-wars i gCléire anuraidh agus i mbliana … tá do phic den jellyfish SCARY!


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