Art flying off the wall!

Paper airplanes by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

I don’t know what it is about aeroplanes but I always had a thing about them. As a boy, I had model aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling of my bedroom.

So maybe that was the reason, when I received my “Concerning the Other” artwork lately, that I printed it out and folded it into a paper jet plane.

Ah, I could think of some good political reasons for making the planes (see previous post) but you know, sometimes you just go with your gut. So, after briefly admiring its shapely, aerodynamic lines, I decided to launch it out the bedroom window and I watched gleefully as it glided gracefully into the garden next door.

Well, that was the last we saw of that one. It was instantly pounced upon by an unenlightened mongrel of no definable breed and mercilessly shredded before I could utter:  Art! It’s Art!

photo by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of paper planes hanging in the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin
The real ones take to the air at the “Concerning the Other” exhibition in the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin

Luckily it was only a prototype and, if you’d like to see the real thing, you can come to Concerning the Other, the exhibition that is opening this Sunday, the 10th of September at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin.

But seriously though, this exhibition is the culmination of a creative process that involved ten contemporary artists working together during the summer of 2017.  It is a fascinating show! And it was crowd-funded by sixty-five very generous donors, true patrons of the arts. It will be officially opened by Patrick Murphy, Director of the Royal Hibernian Academy this Sunday.

invitation to Concerning the Other at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin

It would be great to see you there.

Concerning the Other



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