Friends – and not just Facebook friends

Photo by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of Veronica Bolay RHA, Shay O'Byrne and myself at the Hamilton Gallery
Artists Veronica Bolay RHA, Seamus O’Byrne and myself at the Hamilton Gallery

It has come to my notice that people actually read my blog-posts from time to time and this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Yes, it’s really nice to get comments and smilies and such – and I feel very privileged to have made such good friends around the art world, over the years.

And I don’t just mean the artists, it’s great to hear from people who are genuinely interested in the Arts – in fact we artists depend on them!

But I was about to say that the Cairde Arts Festival exhibition is on in Sligo at the moment and of course, the word Cairde is the Irish for friends.

And we met up with many old friends last week, first in Boyle and then in Sligo. The group exhibition “Crazy Jane” is still on at the Hamilton Gallery and then there’s the exhibition at The Model which looks really impressive.

This one is entitled The Model presents Cairde Visual and it’s the fourth annual open submission exhibition of the Cairde Arts Festival. It features work by 87 artists with paintings, drawings, sculpture, lens-based work and installation – and I’m chuffed to have one of my Tinteán Tréigthe paintings selected for the show.

The Model, Sligo from the front
The Model, Sligo from the front
The Model, Sligo from the back (or the new front)
The Model, Sligo from the back (or the new front)

The Model is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary art centres. Built in 1862 as a Model School, the present building has been completely refurbished and extended to include a restaurant, a bookshop, a purpose-built performance space, wonderful bright galleries and a suite of artist’s studios on the top floor.

This award-winning building is home to the Niland collection, one of the most notable art collections in Ireland, featuring works by Jack B. Yeats, Paul Henry, Estella Solomons and Louis Le Brocquy to name but a few.

But back to the present. Do please keep sending in your words of wisdom, your comments and your requests. Is there a particular subject that might be of interest to you?

Just click on the brown ‘comment button’ to the right of the top photo.


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