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Have you heard about Crazy Jane?

Last night I slept on the mountain - a small oil painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn for the Crazy Jane exhibition in the Hamilton Gallery , Sligo

As part of the annual Yeats Day celebrations this year, the Hamilton Gallery in Sligo have organised an exhibition of small works by over 90 contemporary artists who based their artworks on Crazy Jane, that strange character that appears in a couple of poems by William Butler Yeats.

This is the third and final iteration of the gallery’s Annual Invited Artists’ exhibition and it was opened on Tuesday by Professor Seán Golden.

My contribution is seen above, entitled: “Last night I lay on the mountain…”  Oh, sometimes I just feel like going up to the mountains and staying there until it’s all sorted out…  But, as I say, there are all sorts of good works in the show this year, as you can see from Emma Stroude’s photograph below (thanks for posting Emma).

installation shot by Emma Stroude

By the way,  have you checked out the Concerning the Other facebook page recently?  It’s really interesting to see how ten contemporary artists are responding to all the changes that are going on around us these days.

And of course, your comments are always welcome here – poetic or otherwise!


10 thoughts on “Have you heard about Crazy Jane?

  1. There’s something a bit absurd about “micro-canvasses,” to coin a word. They tend to pixelate in the panoramic view. How to get around this problem of presentation? I don’t know.


    1. Well I dunno, the overall view might make the individual canvases look a bit insignificant, but you can still go up close and study each piece separately. From the gallerist’s point of view, I suppose that it’d be great to show (and sell) big canvases all the time but it’s easier to sell smaller pieces. From the artist’s point of view, it’s interesting for a change to make the small intimate pieces – and it’s nice to be showing alongside allsorts of ‘famous’ and less famous artists.

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      1. I remember the 1970 – 71 movie: “Our Agony Is Our Triumph.” And seeing the Ben Shahn painting of two corpses (like rats) in a wagon. A Guthrie song? The era is right.


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