Unique, innovative, interesting – and likely to make an impact!

painting of three toed sloth by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Oh, such a pain having to fill out all these forms – Remembering, Reconciling, Presenting, Imagining and Celebrating – these are the official themes for Ireland 2016, the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising… and in order to be successful, projects must correspond with one or more of those themes. And also be unique, innovative, interesting and likely to make an impact! So for instance, with Imagining:  we have to try to release the creativity of our people (in particular our young people) as we anticipate a better future for all…

I’m just a simple artist, I really haven’t time to be releasing the creativity of our people. It takes so much time. I just want to get some time alone for a change, time in my studio where I can concentrate on my work…

But I got a lovely phonecall the other day, a little voice at the other end of the phone, my 9 year old nephew Eoin asking if I could paint him a picture.  “Of course I can”, says I, “and what would you like?” Well, he was writing a book and he needed an illustration… “Great”, says I, “and what’s the book about?”  “Three-toed sloths”, he said… Now I wasn’t expecting that, but I said I’d give it a try…

And it brought me back to earth. Yes, I can still draw and paint, that’s what I do. But all this remembering, reconciling and presenting stuff has created a huge amount of red tape for us. I know that it’s well-intentioned but to tell you the truth, it’s been getting me down lately. I will remember and I will present – but as far as I can, it’ll be in my own way, and it’ll be my own personal reflection. You could say that I’m taking a leaf out of young Eoin’s book – and I reckon that he’s likely to make a big impact in the neighbourhood.

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  1. I’d really like to be commercially successful. Not so I could buy nice things (though that would be grand), not so that I could have security (used to not having it at this stage), but simply so that I could employ a personal assistant to deal with all that rubbish and red tape. That would just be heaven.

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  2. I do feel for you with this Eoin. Some artists are more suited to working within these kinds of abstract frameworks (thought up no doubt by a committee around a table by people who have most likely not held a brush or faced a blank canvas).
    I think younger generations of artists are more flexible about what is considered art, and are more inclined to be socially engaged in a natural sort of way. Not as something added on, but part of their idea of what art is. Not all, but some.

    Anyway, I hear you and wish you much uninterrupted time to do what you do best.

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