Conversations around the Tinteáin

oil painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

Oh dear, well yes, I’ve always said that I like those ‘Conversation with the artist’ events but there’s one on this week with a difference – the artist is me. It’ll be a conversation between the artist/curator Claire Halpin and myself and it’ll be happening this Thursday at 6.30pm at the Olivier Cornet Gallery at 3 Great Denmark Street, next door to Belvedere College. Now Claire is well established as an expert in her field and she’s familiar with my work at this stage – so what’s the problem, you ask… Ah, it’s just me, and public speaking.

Actually I’ve plenty to say when I get going, but you know, talking about art can be tricky. Everybody approaches it differently. I prefer the straight-talking version. You won’t be hearing too many quotes from obscure German philosophers, let’s say (although there could be some philosophers in the audience, of course).

No but what I do want to say, as we come to the end of this exhibition, is: Go raibh míle maith agaibh, and: Thank you all very much – for coming to the opening or for coming along in the following weeks. I really appreciate your interest and your support, it makes all the difference.

I also want to thank a couple of people for their wonderful reviews – Brian McAvera in the ‘Irish Arts Review’, Aidan Kelly Murphy in ‘Le Cool Dublin’, Kate Finnegan on ‘Imeall’ (TG4) and also, all of you who wrote comments in the visitors’ book.  Your comments are always welcome here too.  Click on the little brown speech bubble up at the top right of this post and you can put your comment there. Thanks again, eoin   and here’s a link to TG4 Player for the next 30 days –

There’ll be more information soon on my website at:


  1. I wonder did you ever think that one of the hearth’s you painted might have been your great grandmother’s, who was a midwife near Fanad?
    I have heard from Alf who found the tiny cottage that she lived in with her daughter Aunt Maggie, and also Maggie’s husband for a time, that it is a ruin . maybe the hearth is still there in one of the remaining walls. She did not leave because of the famine but almost 80 years after the famine, to return to Dublin and live with her step Mother at The Hermitage
    (Scoil Eanna). Eoin I no longer have your email address . All my contacts got lost when I bought a new computer :<(
    Love your skies!



    • Hi Charlotte, I’ll send you an email separately. Yes, I wondered before about that cottage in Fanad – I’ve never seen it, never knew exactly where it was… there are a lot of abandoned cottages around Donegal. All I can tell you is that none of the paintings in the present exhibition are in Fanad but I’ll be up there again next Spring. Thanks for the comment and keep well, all the best, eoin


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