If these walls could talk, what stories they’d tell…

oil painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn
Tinteán Tréigthe no.7, oil on canvas, 2015

Ok, it’s all about the galleries this week – you might’ve heard about the Dublin Gallery Weekend, a new walking visual arts festival that runs from the 11th to the 13th of September?  When I say: a walking festival, I mean yes, you have to walk from one gallery to the next but…  well, they’ve just published a crispy new edition of the Dublin Gallery Map and most of the galleries listed on the map will be involved in this weekend and there’s a great programme of art exhibitions and events going on across the city.

And, of course, The Olivier Cornet Gallery will be involved, operating from its bright new premises at 3 Great Denmark Street (next door to Belvedere College).

On Saturday, a special event will take place in the gallery with the art historian/ storyteller Jean Ryan. Jean specialises in art that is based on narrative. At 1pm she will weave a story at the Olivier Cornet Gallery. The aim is to foster a connection between the viewers and a work of art. This is achieved by encouraging the listeners to choose the moment in the story which resonates with them most and to imagine how they would depict the work if they were the artist. The viewers create their own ‘moments’ which will most likely be different to that of the artist.

photo of Jean Ryan storyteller
Jean Ryan, art historian and storyteller (photo courtesy of Olivier Cornet)

The plot thickens. The story she will tell won’t be about a painting in the Olivier Cornet Gallery but instead, it’ll be about a piece in the nearby Hugh Lane City Gallery. (There’s a nice camaraderie developing amongst the museums and galleries of the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter). Anyway if all this talk of art and “fun” makes you want to see more of it, then that’s great because…  there’ll be a lot of it around this weekend. (define “fun”, me brother says)  Did I mention that my own exhibition “Diaspora” is now installed in the Olivier Cornet Gallery?  The painting at the top is in the show.  There’s more about that here   and  here

Dublin Gallery Map is a handy printed map featuring 28 Dublin galleries and up-to-date exhibition listings (April to September 2015). It is available free of charge in selected galleries, tourist offices and hotels and is also downloadable online.


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