Ten really good artists

I have a folder on my desktop where I collect images that interest me – like a scrap book in the old days… Today I want to show you just ten of these images, I really like them all – see what you think.

painting by Stuart Shils
Stuart Shils

The first is by Stuart Shils, an American artist who uses monotypes. Have a look at his video on youtube, it’s really interesting how he works.   http://stuartshils.com/

Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley
Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley

The next is a Scottish artist who died in 1963, Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley. She is most renowned for her paintings around Catterline, a small fishing village in Aberdeenshire.


Nuala Clarke
Nuala Clarke

Nuala Clarke is an Irish artist who works between Co. Mayo in Ireland and New York in the USA. Lovely paintings sort of half way between abstract and figurative. http://nualaclarke.com/

Painting by Tom Climent
Tom Climent

Awe, what can I say about the paintings of Tom Climent – his use of colour is just divine.  Wouldn’t you agree? http://tomcliment.com/

Painting by Christopher Volpe
Christopher Volpe

Christopher Volpe graduated with a degree in Poetry before taking up painting professionally. He has a really interesting blog which talks about artists he likes.


Painting by Michael McSwiney
Michael McSwiney

Michael McSwiney is an artist from Cork who makes large impressive paintings. They really have to be seen in the flesh, I reckon but there’s plenty to see on his website at http://michaelmcswiney.ie/

Painting by Rebecca Crowell
Rebecca Crowell

Another artist whose work really must be seen to be truly appreciated, this the American artist Rebecca Crowell. She uses a special ‘cold wax’ painting technique and is a fellow of the Ballinglen foundation in Co. Mayo.


Lisa Pressman
Lisa Pressman

As you can see, all of the artists I like work in a semi-abstract way and their use of colour is very important in the work, none more so than Lisa Pressman, a lovely expressive painter.   http://lisapressman.blogspot.ie/

Terry Green
Terry Green

The abstract painter Terry Greene also has a great blog called “Just Another Painter” which has daily quotes from all sorts of artists. It’s very interesting to read about how other artists think.


Painting by Hanneke van Ryswyk
Hanneke van Ryswyk

The Welsh artist, Hanneke van Ryswyk is represented by the Olivier Cornet Gallery. Her small delicate paintings are explorations of the effect of climate change on the earth.  See more of her work at


concrete art by Eimear Murphy
Eimear Murphy

Now, I know I said ‘Ten really good artists’ but I just had to include one more.  My number 11 is Eimear Murphy, a recent graduate from NCAD with a unique take on making art. This piece is entitled “Certain” and it’s made with poured concrete and wood!  I really liked her installation at the degree show this year.


So that’s all I have for you today. Which was your favourite?  Let me know what you think here.  And if you’re wondering, you can see my own work at:






  1. Thank you for taking the trouble to share these artists with us, Eoin.
    I decided to explore each of them, quickly or in depth, as moved.
    I started out with Stuart Shils, sensing already that what could be seen as one of those mannered paintings, where someone has a technique down and just repeats it, was actually not that at all. It is hard to explain, but I felt a foundation there, something supporting and justifying? the technique. I was taken immediately by his other work. And I read a 6 page interview with him from 2010 in the Huffington post.
    For anyone interested, it was worth the quarter of an hour spent- this guy is deep and articulate and addresses essential issues in painting- from realism and abstraction, to painting outside and in the studio, his understanding and experience are profound. And I’m going to be thinking about what he’s written for a long time to come.

    thanks Eoin, looking forward to the next 9!

    ps – I should qualify, I liked Shils’s urban oils very much, the more recent monoprints less.


  2. Thank you Eoin, very interesting blog. I think my favourite from this selection would be Joan Eardley for the way she uses depth, texture and colour to depict a particular landscape.


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