Shur, we won’t know ourselves…

Garrán Ghort na Fuiseoige san oíche
Garrán Ghort na Fuiseoige

Ah yes – isn’t there a great stretch in the evenings?  It seems like at last the winter has passed and Spring is finally making an appearance. Yes, and when the hour goes forward, shur, we won’t know ourselves”

We’ll have another hour of daylight in the evenings.  That’s good.  I often work late into the night, in my studio, and consequently, I don’t start working too early in the morning.  I hear that a lot of artists do the same.  It takes a long time to get started, I suppose, but then when you’re into it, you just don’t feel like letting it go.  Is it something about the night time and the quiet… ?  I’m not sure, but what I do know is that it doesn’t really make sense to work through the night when it’s dark and to waste the daylight hours.  Especially from the point of view of energy saving.

I suppose it’s simply a matter of getting used to it.  And then, there’s the dawn chorus and the blackbird singing, it can lift the spirit, no doubt about that… Yes, it makes sense alright to get up with the sunrise but still, there’s something about the night…

But now, here’s a link to hear the singing of a blackbird, recorded by pat. sparrowhawk (probably not his real name)

and here’s a link to Birdwatch Ireland if you want to know more about the dawn chorus






  1. I love the painting and its subtlety. Looking harder, I found…. or imagined several bird shapes in it, and I so like the fact that I don’t know if they are meant to be there or not.

    When I went ‘home’ to the states for the first time in 10 years in 2013, I recorded time and time again, the song of the cardinal. We don’t have them here in NL and they are deeply interwoven with memories of my early life in Pennsylvania. But I also have countless recordings of blackbirds, from there, and from here around our house, they are my favourite sound in the world, I think. Loved the video, that blackbird looks like he knows he’s been recorded and is proud of how he is doing. Bird Idols!!

    Yes spring is coming here too!


    • Thanks Sarah, I’m afraid the quality of my image is not too good – that’s possibly why you saw some ghostly bird shapes, I reckon. Believe it or not ( you won’t see it ) but there is a fox there, sneaking along beside the fence. Thanks for your comment and I’ll be getting back to you soon 😉


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