Have you found your true calling?

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Well, I might’ve been a bit optimistic about the Springtime arriving early last week but a friend of mine from Lithuania has sent me this thoughtful guest blogpost, and since it has begun to snow again here in Ireland, her photographs are the perfect fit for us, wouldn’t you say?  Kristina has a very nice blog at https://decorartuk.wordpress.com/ , with always something interesting to share, and today it’s about finding your own path in life… 

When Eoin invited me to write a guest blog post I said I had to think, as at the time I didn’t have a clue what I’d like to tell you about. After a few days I already had some ideas, but none of them were good enough (by now you should be able to tell that I am a perfectionist). I thought some more… and more… and then, last Sunday I went to church and received an amazing gift – a wise sermon and a perfect subject for a post that’s been worrying me for at least a week (by the way, I’m not a regular church goer, so it was nice to see that our shepherds have adapted to the ever-changing world).

The sermon was about our calling and how important it is to first of all find it and then to answer it, i.e. to follow our own path. It was really refreshing to hear about artists and musicians, writers and actors and everyone else who puts so much soul and effort into their profession.

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To be honest with you I’m a little bit jealous when I meet people who are doing something they are meant to be doing in this life. How can I tell that they’ve found their path? First of all they are very good at something; their creations are truly beautiful. Secondly, they enjoy doing it and they can’t imagine their life where they’d have to do something different. Just have a look at Eoin – to me it is obvious that he’s here to paint. Have a closer look at his paintings – there’s so much in these colours and brushstrokes!

Well, we all have our calling, something that gives purpose to our lives, something that makes us happy. There might be no scientific way that would guarantee us finding it, nevertheless we should never stop looking for it. Sooner or later it will emerge (I’d rather it happened sooner, of course…).

Listening to intuition is similar to watching wind wiggle a pond. Allow the ripples to move you to where you need to be.

– Soul Dancer

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I’m still watching my pond, worrying whether I will notice the ripples… What if they need to turn into huge waves, so that I’d feel the blessed current taking me the right way? Following my own two rules – I can’t imagine my life where I wouldn’t be taking photographs (and painting at least occasionally), as for the being good at it part – time will show.  But let’s get back to the wise sermon. The priest was right in thinking that not material goods, not the pay, but the job itself is important. Anything you do must be done with love, as only what was made with love remains immortal. So…

Start where you are – do anything you can do, and do everything you can do, until you find something you must do!  That something is probably your spiritual gift. 

– Jim George

Not that difficult, right?  Of course I’m only joking.  Have you found your calling? Are you still looking for it? I’d be grateful if you shared your experiences and ideas.

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  1. Hi Kristina, I think you’re a bit hard on yourself… you have many great photographs on your blog, and your blog posts are always interesting and different – I think that you have found your calling with decorartuk !!!


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