Leaders and Scarecrows

Wintery fields, Scarecrow, marauding crows
Wintery fields, Scarecrow, marauding crows

I was browsing through some old sketchbooks this morning and I came across a series of Scarecrow drawings that I’d been working on some time ago. I was thinking that in these recessionary times in Ireland, city-dwellers have begun again to grow their own vegetables – and they often construct scarecrows to watch over their crops. I became interested in these strangely human constructions, standing out in the allotments (supposedly scaring the crows away).  They can look heroic, comical, even strangely sinister but they were all built with a serious purpose, ie: to protect the food source, to serve the community…  and yet, can we depend on them for anything?  Their arrogant poses cannot hide the fact that their straw-filled limbs are ineffectual in the face of adversity.  But there must be some primeval urge, deep within the psyche, that persuades us that they possess some magical powers?  Certainly, the way these scarecrows are treated by the growers, would suggest to me that there is more to them than meets the eye…

I didn’t mention it then but I was thinking of the scarecrows as a sort of metaphor. I was thinking of them as standing for those who run the country (or seem to run the country)  Who actually runs this country?  Who’s going to protect us from the marauding crows?

But anyway, from a painting point of view, the Scarecrows seemed to offer all sorts of possibilities – and they’re a bit of fun too.  I suppose we could do with a bit of fun in these wintery times in Ireland. What do you think?

PS:   if you’re one of my regular readers, please don’t be alarmed at the sudden change of format on this blog. The black background was a bit, well,  black, I suppose.  No, I’m just trying out a few new looks, the Spring collection, don’t you know… I’d love to hear your views.

You can see more of my artwork as usual at http://www.eoinmaclochlainn.com



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