What to do between Christmas and the New Year…

Yes indeed, what to do.  After the festivities are festivitied – after all the ceremonies, the lighting of candles, the opening of presents, the cooking and the eating of Christmas breakfasts and dinners, the near disasters, the cranberry sauces, the stuffing, the turkey sandwiches, the Christmas cake, the sweets, the mince pies… things go quiet and then,  what do you do?

What about a nice leisurely visit to one of my old art exhibitions. Here’s a link to one that I had in the renovated Crumlin Road Jail in Belfast in 2009.  You can also listen to a podcast about it from there.



Elegies art exhibition by Eoin Mac Lochlainn at Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast
Outside Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast


But some people will be sitting down with a good book – at last, some peace and quiet – others taking to the couch to watch the telly, others going for walks, trying to regain the use of their legs and of course there’s you, sitting at the computer (or is it the new Ipad?) and you’re looking for inspiration… well you’re not alone, that’s what I’m at too.

Drawing by Eoin Mac Lochlainn, black marker on cardboard

Well, this couch comes from an art installation I’ve put together a couple of times. It’s from an exhibition about the homeless and it was an installation of drawings in black marker on cardboard. If you were out on the street, what would you long for? Somewhere comfortable to sit, maybe? I don’t know, lucky for me, I was never in that situation. If you want to see more images from that exhibition, (it was a travelling exhibition that went to Limerick, Belfast and Port Laoise and it was reviewed by Cristín Leach in the Sunday Times), you could click on:


So there’s some thoughts of mine, I’d love to hear from you. I’d appreciate your feedback. You could follow my blog if you like and get weekly updates – see the box up at the top.

Just one more item of news for you… I’ll be having a solo show in Áras Éanna on the Aran Islands in June 2015, I’ll let you know about that, nearer the time. In the meantime – Happy New Year!

slán go fóill, eoin 





    • Hello Rehmanaysha, (sorry if I have your name wrong) well, I wouldn’t call it a profession or a career, it’s a vocation. It’s just something that I needed to do, I reckon. Carl Jung wrote that there is an innate desire in the artist to make art. – it seems like it was something like that. Thanks for stopping by, eoin


      • Just call me Aysha haha. So how does one find the financial means to pursue art? Isn’t it solely dependent on whether or not you have the funding to focus on it?


      • Dear Aysha, well you’re right of course. The business side of art is very tricky. You are depending on the fickleness of the markets. I always say that I’m in the business of making Art – not in the business of making money. I have read some of your posts ( you write very well, and about important subjects ) but I reckon from your comments that maybe you are beginning to lose heart. I would say to you: please keep writing, it’s good stuff. How does one find the financial means to pursue art? – a lot of people out there in Bloggyland will try and tell you they have the secret – but I can’t give you a good answer here. All I can say is – it doesn’t cost much to write. If you were a sculptor, it would probably cost you more so keep on writing. I look forward to your next post, all the best, eoin

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