So Artists can lead the way in this globalised world!

photograph of artists and Simon Harris TD at the Pearse Museum

Yes, when people ask how the opening went, I always say:  “Great !  great crowd, great buzz, great speeches, you should’ve been there…” You have to say that, of course, if you said otherwise, they’d look at you…  But the thing is, it really was great!  We had a great crowd at the opening of the Palimpsest/ Rianú Project in the Pearse Museum, even though it was a sunny Saturday afternoon. And there really was a great buzz! Minister Simon Harris TD made a great speech, he really engaged with the project, he took his time and he clearly understood what it was all about.  He said that how we deal with the ‘other’ is becoming increasingly important in this globalised world, and he thanked the artists for “leading the way”.

D’you know, it brought to mind the old Avant–garde people at the start of the twentieth century – Mondrian, Malevich and Kandinsky and all, when it was said that the artists would lead the way into the bold new world… Well, I won’t lose the run of meself here, it was only an art exhibition but… let’s just say that there was ‘a great buzz’. And the Office of Public Works (OPW) put out a great spread for the occasion. Everything really went really well. So yes, it was great, you should’ve been there…

Now, so this exhibition continues until the end of November and I’ll be putting up images of the works by the various artists from time to time. The photo above shows seven of the artists with the Minister and the Director of the Pearse Museum and this one here shows, from left, me, Minister Simon Harris TD, Claire Halpin and Brian Crowley, Director.

opening of Palimpsest Rianú Project, Minister Simon Harris, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Claire Halpin, Brian Crowley

Sea, bhí sé an-dheas mar ócáid, ceapaim go raibh daoine sásta leis. Cinnte bhí muidne, d’oibrigh gach rud mar ba chóir, ach amháin… ó, nach raibh scéal eicint faoi scriú agus sciúire?  Bhí an t-ádh linn. Bhí lucht oibre an mhúsaem an-lách, an-chúntach. Ní raibh aon fhaidhbeanna nár fhéadfaí a shocrú…


Finally, the Museum is open every day except Tuesdays, 9.30 – 5.30pm Do drop out for a visit, it’s in St.Enda’s Park in Rathfarnham and there’s a nice coffee shop there too.

PS: I’ve just added a photo of Aoife McGarrigle’s work to the previous post at:




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