“Drawing attention to the lure of Stillness”

abstract painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

I’ve just been reading the curator’s statement by Aisling Prior for this year’s Tulca arts festival in Galway and I liked it. In it she writes that, in this digital age: 

There is a seeming obligation to be in constant communication, to have an endless appetite for the consumption of information, and to embrace every opportunity to engage in the two-way discourse that new social media and the internet affords… all of us, even those who choose to live in the most remote parts of a country, are known, traceable and expected to be readily reachable…

But she says that there is a backlash against this situation and that the antidote to the pressures imposed on us by this age is: Solitude. And so she is looking for artworks exploring the potential of retreat, drawing attention to the lure of stillness and of silence. That’s an interesting notion, don’t you think?

It’s too late for me to submit now anyway but I was wondering what I might’ve submitted if I was so inclined. (the thing about these ‘Calls for submissions’ is that they too are a distraction – you’re working away on one theme and then you’re invited to think about another) Anyway, silence, I was wondering…  the small painting above is one that I made in 2005. What do you think? Should I have submitted it? It was called: Oíche, which translate as: Night. I was doing work like that when I left the art college in 2000.

You can see Aisling’s full statement at http://www.tulcafestival.com

You can see more of my works from that period on my website at http://emacl.com/index_files/page0047.htm

I’d love to hear your comments,

Thanks, eoin






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