Printers and Painters – is there a middle ground?

monotype by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

I did some work with Monotypes last year in Cló Ceardlann na ngCnoc and although I’m a painter (and painters and printmakers do not come from the same planet) I actually enjoyed the process and I was reasonably happy with my final results. That’s one of my prints above.

Now, I’m not sure what you think of printmaking but let me say that, for a start, everything comes out backwards! Then there’s acid baths and feathers and soft ground and hard ground and sugarlift and spit and… and… no but hang on: Monotype is different. With Monotype, one can remain relatively calm and produce some quite decent images without, as me sister-in-law might say: “doing your wee head in”. You see, Monotype is a direct and spontaneous form of printmaking, allowing freedom of mark-making and a painterly approach within the discipline of printmaking. To put it in another way – if you’re a painter, it’s quite possible that you might actually like this method of printing.

I did. Who says printers and painters can’t be friends!

And I see now that Anna Marie Savage and Sue Morris are running a short course in Monotype at Cló this July and I’m sure that it’ll be great fun. And there are plenty more courses there this summer too.

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