A website or a blog – which is better?

I’ve been diligently updating my website on a regular basis since 2008 and guess what – I’m beginning to wonder: why?  Everybody used to ask: what do you do? have you got a website? I did, I do but now I have a blog as well and I’m diligently updating that too!  So my question today is, to all my friends out in Bloggyland, – Am I supposed to have a website and a blog? Or would a brilliant but lonesome blog be enough?

oil painting by Eoin Mac Lochlainn
What I’ve seen, no.1, oil on canvas, 8″ x 8″, 2008

The thing is – my website ( www.emacl.com ) has all my solo exhibitions on it, back as far as the first one in the RHA in 2002, statements and images from all my exhibitions, all my triumphs (!) all my traumas… but it’s all history now. I wonder does anyone look it up?

The blog is about what I did last week, what shows I took part in, what I saw, what I’m working on at the moment, whatever, and it goes back to 2010, so I suppose that it might make interesting reading sometime (“One should always have something sensational to read on the train”, Wilde) but the blog is always “just last week”. That’s the problem, I think. It’s like: you’re only as good as your last painting, or your last Blog posting…

But for instance, here’s a link to an exhibition I had in the South Tipperary Arts Centre, in Clonmel in 2008.   That’s just 5 years ago.  http://www.eoinmaclochlainn.com/index_files/page0040.htm

That was on my website. But now that I think about it – you probably wouldn’t have seen it unless you’ve been reading my blog so…

I’d love to hear your thoughts (and/or advice) on this.

PS Here’s two links to people who write about Bloggy matters http://rightbrainrockstar.com/     http://digitalbusinessinstitute.com/



  1. Hi Eoin,

    You replied to your own question :).

    Here’s my two pence worth.

    Both a website and a blog are necessary. They are tools that are accessible 24/7 by all who are interested in your work or discover it online and each serves a different purpose.

    A website
    It showcases what you do, what you are about and reflects your substance as an artist over time. It’s more static even though it’s important that it’s kept up to date, easy to navigate and that its design is refreshed from time to time to keep it interesting for your viewers.

    The way it’s presented should answer the dual questions: what is it for and who is it for?
    Is it for the people who collect your work or are interested in buying your work? Is it for people working in art galleries, curators or other art professionals? When a visitor is on your site, what impressions/knowledge do you want them to experience/gain?

    A website also reveals why you are doing what you do, what drives you as an artist.

    Each person who discovers your work either online or offline can go and find out a bit more about your work and you as an artist, in the unique way you have decided to present it. You are in the driving seat, make the most of it.

    You should have a way to be contacted and a sign in button that encourages your visitors to sign up for your updates (your blog posts and your mailing list for exhibitions for example).

    A Blog
    A blog is more personal, more topical and as such updated more often. It’s a great tool to find out more about you as an artist by letting your subscribers know what’s happening in your life at the moment and it encourages people who like what you do to stay in touch and interact with you.

    It’s also a good way to keep your name and your work in your subscribers’ mind. That’s why encouraging visitors to subscribe to your blog and or your updates is crucial.

    A Blog and a Website should work together
    Your blog should work with your website and refer to it from time to time and I think it should be integrated within it. A bit like a married couple, they both have distinct personalities and functions but they seek to work together each doing what it does best :).

    Creating good work is rightly what matters first to an artist but there are many artists out there who create good work so how and where can it be noticed?

    A website and a blog that are user friendly, well referenced and interesting (with good content) are two tools that contribute to being more visible.


    • Hello again Nathalie, thank you very much for writing such a clear and comprehensive explanation about the difference between Blogs and Websites. I’ve a few changes to make, I think… but nice to hear from you. Merci beaucoup, eoin


  2. I could’t agree more with everything that’s said above – there is definitely room for both, Eoin.
    For people who are not familiar with your work and want an overview, your website is great.
    As for me, I follow your blog and always find it interesting, informative and – what’s the word – it encourages reflection.
    Sorry if you feel it’s a bit lonesome, but I’m sure you have much more ‘silent readers’ (like me) than you think. Maybe we should post comments more often, but even if we don’t, please know that your blog is being read and very much appreciated!
    So, by all means, keep it up.


  3. Eoin,
    Conas ‘tá an misneach?
    Website or blog? I never actually checked out your website until I read this post!
    It is possible to embed a blog into a website although if you’re anything like me you’ll need some techie friend to help you through it.
    I changed my website into a blog not too long ago. It still functions as a website, the address is still the same and I can have as many pages as I like with information about past shows, cv etc as well as drop down menus and features for Facebook,twitter etc The home page serves as the blog bit where I can post things as they come up.
    The other advantage of having the two together is that they feed into one another. ‘A married couple’ as Nathalie says.

    Slán go fóil,


    • Hello Deirdre, Go raibh míle maith agat don comhairle mhaith. Ta mé ag ceapadh go mbeidh orm rud eicint mar sin a dhéanamh, alright. Thosnaigh me ag cur an suíomh idirliona le chéile ar Publisher fadó agus anois tá faitíos orm go mbéadh an t-uafás oibre i gceist an stuif go léir a athrú go suíomh nua but shur… Slán go fóill, ar aon chaoi agus grmma don comment, eoin


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