September in Venice


Venice – The first morning I thought I heard someone having a bath next door.  But then, after a while I realised that it was the seawater lapping in the little canal at the end of our street, whenever a boat passed by.  Yes, it was so nice to visit Venice last week.  It was quiet where we stayed in Dorsoduro but – only a short distance from all the action (!).

The Venice Biennale is on at the moment, a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place here every two years.  It is really interesting to see the art from all the different countries. The formal Biennale is based in a public park called the Giardini where there’s a number of permanent national pavillions that have been specially built for exhibiting art and there’s also a large exhibition hall that houses a special exhibition curated by the Biennale’s director.  But there’s also exhibitons to be found, all over Venice, down little laneways, up rickety staircases, in various old buildings and churches, you just come across them as you wander the streets and – that’s the most enjoyable way to experience it, in my opinion.


Now Ireland is represented here of course with an exhibition entitled “The Enclave” by Richard Mosse, but I have to admit that I didn’t quite get to see it.  I saw the sign outside as we passed by in a vaporetto one day but… it’s impossible to see everything.

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