Was the weather good in Ireland this year?

Everyone is saying: what a wonderful summer! If we had weather like this, we’d never have to go away for our holidays… but you know, I spent a month up in Donegal this summer and I’d have to say that the weather wasn’t that great. Damp. Misty. I’d look out the window each morning and I couldn’t see the mountains.

But I wasn’t up there for the weather. I spent a month working in Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc at the foot of Mount Errigal, and it was a wonderful experience. Cló is a fine art workshop that combines traditional forms of printmaking with contemporary visual media. It’s an artist-led initiative providing a platform for creative exchange between artists worldwide and the Gaeltacht or Irish-speaking community of Donegal, Ireland.

I was working with monotypes. It’s a method of printing that suits painters, I would say.  Trees were my inspiration, from the smallest saplings to the ancient bog oaks that studded the bogland all around Cló. That’s the other thing about Donegal – the bogs. The sense of quiet isolation, the pure mountain air, the heather, I’d go back there tomorrow if I could…

monotype by Eoin Mac Lochlainn monotype of bog oak by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

more about Cló residencies at http://www.clo.ie



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