Artists and the South of France

Did you know that 47 artists from 19 different countries will be presenting their work tomorrow at 6pm, in a little hamlet called Larroque in the South of France?  Unfortunately I won’t be there this time – but my artwork will.

It’s the annual Larroque Arts Festival which is organised by Kenneth Hay, Professor of Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Leeds. The theme this year is ‘Neighbours’ and the idea is to introduce international contemporary artists to a rural environment and vice versa, and to meet up with local and regional artists to encourage artistic exchanges.

Monoprints made from fingerprints by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

A long time ago I began collecting fingerprints from visitors to my studio.  Unlike in a police station, people were free to choose from my palette, the colours they might use to make their impressions. (They just dipped their fingers in my paint). It was fascinating (for them and for me) to study the endless combinations of lines and to notice the particular differences and similarities in each person’s hands.

I made no attempt to catalogue or categorise these prints. Indeed, I overlaid several prints to produce a kaleidoscope of colour on the one page. The intersection of two prints often produced interesting results. So I began isolating the interesting sections and cutting them out. Like visualising faces in the clouds, I could see tiny faces, tiny landscapes, rippling water etc. in the sections of fingerprint. Once you discover one image, you realise that there are many more to be found.

Anyway I thought that it fitted nicely with this year’s theme so I sent one of these works, similar to the one above, over to Larroque.

There’s more about the festival at



  1. I really like this concept of using fingerprints. After all if art is not about humanity then it is not art at all. I am intrigued the way the images suggest landscapes.
    Some more great work here Eoin.


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