Coffee and Contemporary art, a good mix?

Around this time last summer, I took part in a Tondo exhibition in a lighthouse in Wicklow. Tondo is an artists’ collective that we established in 2007. We meet up regularly to discuss our work, to drink coffee and to explore current issues in contemporary art. This dialogue often leads to new work and interesting collaborative projects.  The coffee, on the other hand, usually goes cold.

Some of the work from Tondo @ the Lightouse
Some of the artworks from “Tondo @ the Lightouse”

Individually, Tondo members exhibit in various art galleries but, as a group, we seek out alternative spaces in which to exhibit.  Not only is this a way of bringing art to a wider audience but it also brings a new impetus to our work because it forces us to reassess our ideas about art and to explore and experiment with alternative methods and materials.

In the past Tondo has exhibited in many alternative spaces, including a railway station, a public park, even a small crate.  But we have also exhibited in the National Gallery of Ireland.

We like to get feedback. It’s always nice for me to hear from my friends out there in Bloggyland. Just yesterday, my aunt in Canada wrote me a beautiful passage about her feelings on art. Other people just like to give advice. That’s good too. Drop me a line if you have something on your mind.

PS: Tondo has a page on facebook, here’s a link-



  1. Has it been a year Eoin, as the saying goes, time flies, they look really interesting pieces, nicely collaged into the one image. Keep up the great work with the blogging, you have some really interesting posts


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