A support group for artists…

drawing by Eoin Mac Lochlainn

I was thinking today that artists should stick together. This doesn’t always happen in the art world. As in any area of life, there can be schisms and skulduggery, but there’s also a fair bit of solidarity here.

In Ireland, we have Visual Artists Ireland (the VAI) which acts as an advocate on behalf of artists and provides various services and resources like exhibition listings, job opportunities etc. Mostly I would say: it’s like a support group for artists. I would definitely recommend that you join, if you’re an artist living in Ireland. The more members we have, the stronger the organisation will be. See www.visualartists.ie

So we had our annual Get Together on Friday last, a great day. Presentations, meetings, networking etc. There was a panel discussion about Media coverage of the Arts in Ireland. Very interesting – Sarah Ryder from RTE talked about a survey that had concluded that a lot of people are interested in the arts and they go to the cinema, to concerts and to exhibitions etc but – they don’t consider themselves to be ‘part of the arts scene’.  (They are, of course, and they are hugely appreciated). The art critic Cristín Leach Hughes called on people who write about art to explain themselves in ordinary language.  Finola Meredith from the Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast said that ‘Passion sells’. If you speak from the heart, if you are passionate about your work, it will shine through.

That was good to hear because the next item on the agenda was a little scary – Speed Curating.  A big room, 25 curators, and 10 minutes to explain yourself. There was such a buzz in that room! In the end I made a few good connections.

PS: I wonder would the image above explain my art?

A few more links below –

http://cristinleach.com  http://dublincityfm.ie/

http://goldenthreadgallery.co.uk  www.balticmill.com

www.greenonredgallery.com  www.kevinkavanaghgallery.ie


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