Probably the best Artists’ Residency in the country!

Well I’ve said it before but Cló up in Donegal has it all when it comes to artists’ residencies. If the weather is good, you have the most spectacular scenery in the country, right at your doorstep. If the weather happens to be bad, well then, there’s a print workshop which is fully equipped for etching, stone lithography, woodblock printing and digital media work. If that wasn’t enough, there’s the wonderful library, The Living Archive, which houses a huge collection of books, catalogues, DVDs, CDs and stuff.

photo by Eoin Mac Lochlainn of Clo workshop

And there’s courses. Ring them up or check out their website at:  There are courses running throughout the summer. I’ll be doing a workshop on watercolour techniques in August….

But even though Cló is situated in North West Donegal, not far from Gort a’ Choirce, in a spot which… one might be forgiven for calling it ‘the back of beyond’, Cló is a hive of creative activity. It really is a hub for creative exchange between artists from all over the place. When I was there last summer, I met artists from Armenia, America, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Scotland. I ended up being invited to show my work in Artisterium 5, an annual contemporary art festival in Tbilisi, Georgia. Have a look at this short video about that show at:

or read about it on my blog post from last year at:



    • Actually no John, that’s Eachla Mór, it’s the peak beside Errigal. There’s mountains all around the residency. Thanks for your comment, eoin


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